Former SecState Caught In Secret Meeting With US Enemy; Instructs Him To Defy Our President

AW| Since the election of President Trump, we’ve heard a new term coined: “the deep state.” It refers to what I define as the bureaucratic administrative state that exists for its own preservation. This is why I call Washington D.C. a “self-licking ice cream cone.” Anyone seeking to reform Washington D.C. will run into the deeply established barriers to reach that goal. And with President Trump, that objective is evident, and represents a clear and present danger to the electoral will of the American people. This is truly a threat to our Constitutional Republic and our democratic processes and procedures. And many will certainly attest that this is a primary progressive socialist led #resistance endeavor, but in truth, it is quite bipartisan.

The question we must confront — and rather quickly – is what should be done with the blatant undermining of the Trump administration by some parallel group or organization and individuals? Should we define this as treason, especially if there is “collusion” with those who represent positions and policies antithetical to that which is being presented by our legitimate presidential administration?

Consider this example, as reported by the Jerusalem Post, “While the White House has confirmed that since the Jerusalem Declaration there has been a complete disconnect between the Palestinian Authority and the Trump administration, it turns out that the previous administration has maintained contact with PA officials. 

Maariv reported that former US secretary of state John Kerry met in London with a close associate of PA President Mahmoud Abbas, Hussein Agha, for a long and open conversation about a variety of topics. Agha apparently reported details of the conversation to senior PA officials in Ramallah. A senior PA official confirmed to Maariv that the meeting took place.

During the conversation, according to the report, Kerry asked Agha to convey a message to Abbas and ask him to “hold on and be strong.” Tell him, he told Agha, “that he should stay strong in his spirit and play for time, that he will not break and will not yield to President [Donald] Trump’s demands.”

According to Kerry, Trump will not remain in office for a long time. It was reported that Kerry said that within a year there was a good chance that Trump would not be in the White House. Kerry offered his help to the Palestinians in an effort to advance the peace process and recommended that Abbas present his own peace plan.

“Maybe it is time for the Palestinians to define their peace principles and present a positive plan,” Kerry suggested. He promised to use all his contacts and all his abilities to get support for such a plan. He asked Abbas, through Agha, not to attack the US or the Trump administration, but to concentrate on personal attacks on Trump himself, whom Kerry says is solely and directly responsible for the situation. According to the report, when referring to the president, Kerry used highly derogatory terms. Kerry offered to help create an alternative peace initiative and promised to help garner international support from Europeans, Arab states and the international community.”

Let me just state the obvious. What if the Bush administration’s former secretary of state was meeting with the Israelis, speaking in derogatory terms of Barack Obama, and talking about developing a policy to undermine the Obama administration’s foreign policy…and work to gain external nations’ support for such plan? Yep, you know it, this would be front page news, running consistently on liberal progressive media outlets, and Chris Matthews, along with Rachel Maddow, would be apoplectic with rage. There would be calls for an investigation and for punishment of this type of behavior. There would be cries of racism — after all, this was all about undermining the foreign policy of the first half-black, African-American President. This would be decried as a scandal greater than Watergate.

So why the silence of the leftist lambs now?

Perhaps it’s that we have come to expect treasonous behavior from one John Kerry. C’mon, we all know his history of accusing our troops in Vietnam of horrendous actions, stating that he had personally witnessed such. We know John Kerry “colluded” with the North Vietnamese, while still a commissioned officer in the U.S. Navy. So, should it REALLY surprise us that John Kerry is meeting with a close associate of the Fatah Islamist group leader, Abu Mazen, aka Mahmoud Abbas? READ MORE