Sarah Huckabee Sanders Puts Chuck Schumer in His Place With 7 Words [Video]

Kirsters Baish| Sarah Huckabee Sanders’s daily press briefing is always interesting to watch. Wednesday’s briefing was no different. The mainstream media leftists are always ready to attack, and on Wednesday they went after Sanders with full force, but she can hold her own. She is truly amazing at her job, and I think even liberals would admit that. At least, the honest liberals would.

It all started when the questioning on executive privilege began. The questions about what the White House lawyers told Steve Bannon he was able to speak to the Hill about started rolling in. A quick recap for anyone who missed it: White House lawyers made the claim that Steve Bannon had agreed to not communicate with Congress about specific topics.

The whole thing wasn’t all that interesting until MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson attempted to make Sarah Huckabee Sanders look bad. Sanders wasn’t taking the bait. The end goal of all of the mainstream media reporters is to make President Trump look bad. They will do just about anything in order to try and damage his reputation.

Infamous Chuck Schumer was behind the scenes buzzing in the ears of the media trying to push his radical leftist agenda, as per usual. Schumer is ready for a government shut down of epic proportions. The man would love to put a stop to the federal government all together in order to get some crappy political points all while throwing President Trump under the bus.

Schumer is a proponent of DACA, but not because it is something he strongly believes in. He supports DACA, for the most part, because if he doesn’t get it done, the the Democratic Party’s chances in 2018 drop right to zero.

Former President Barack Obama made the promise to find a solution and wasn’t successful in doing so. Now, President Trump is left picking up the pieces.

Schumer is dumb enough to think that he is still dealing with the Obama administration. The problem for Schumer is that Trump isn’t going to cave into his childish politics. Schumer is under the impression that a government shutdown will get all the blame facing towards President Trump. He’s sadly mistaken.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders explained why this wouldn’t work beautifully.

“I am not sure how it would the President wants a budget deal – the budget deal should not be tied to a political agenda the Democrats are pushing….What we would like to see happen is let’s strike a budget deal by Friday and come back to work and solve DACA and border security. The number one priority is national security and fully funding our military and I would think the Democrats share this? We need Democrats to do their jobs.”

It’s time for Democrats to start doing their jobs.