School Shooting Rocks Texas

VIA| In Italy, Texas, a town south of Dallas, police have just reported that a school shooting has occurred and a suspect is in custody.

The Ellis County Sheriff’s Office made the tweet reporting that the shooting occurred near a school, but it is unknown if anyone is injured. They said more information would be provided soon.

Aerial footage of the school displayed students being evacuated from the area. The department tweeted “the kids are being moved, under guard to the dome as the investigation continues.”

For those seeking an alternative narrative to the one we’ll find in the mainstream, think about what a series of mass shootings in Texas would do.

Texas has one of the most gun-friendly, self defense-friendly cultures of any area on the planet. In a world where most governments are now subjecting their citizens to gun control, one of the last remaining slivers of good in American culture as a whole is that Americans tend to understand the importance of the right to bear arms and defend themselves.

Persuading Texans to allow expanded gun laws sounds like a total impossibility: so it would require a lot of really tragic events like this one, right?

Whether mass shootings would be real, staged, or whatever else, expect the media to massively and constantly cover any mass shooting in Texas because the people who influence the media simply really, really want gun control everywhere, and to crack and wear down the gun friendly culture.

Or, this could story could be a false alarm type of thing.